FIVE Customer Review #1

We have to admit,

Not much has been said by us about the new FIVE. Rest assured, several customers put their purchases to the test throughout BC, AB and Quebec this past year including an extensive 2018 season road trip thru the PNW with our flaming red demo model.

FIVE side

During that trip, our first two 165 lb reviewers wanted to buy it straight off the river. However, myself and a few others in the 185 lb+ crowd found it a wee bit small at the knees for our liking. In general, the FIVE is ultra fast, hyper nimble and for the most part, it just loves to be paddled. The sleek and narrow hull shape means it propels effortlessly while heaps of rocker lets it skip across the water surface like a greased banana. Most people notice immediately how easy the FIVE can be whipped around, and yet the displacement hull’s subtle edges are enough to hold the tightest of lines or carve up the river like it’s on rails. In comparison, the FIVE is most similar in spec to a medium 9R, yet it feels slightly smaller than one when paddled. 

FIVE/9R stern

Steph Petrone FIVE

So what do our customers have to say about the their FIVEs?

23 yr old BC/AB paddler Stephanie Petrone recently submitted this review: 

As a smaller paddler (5’6, 130 lbs) I have struggled to find a boat that works for me since most boats are sized for medium or larger paddlers. Previously I paddled a Waka Tutea and a 9R. Both were great boats but I wanted something that was a bit bigger and longer than the Tutea, and something easier to handle than the 9R. When paddling the 9R I found it a bit too big and tiresome for me to throw around, but really liked its speed and rocker. After seeing images of the new FIVE, I chose to get one and try it out. To my liking, the FIVE turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for; a speedy, yet maneuverable river boat. After paddling slalom all summer I was super stoked to push this boat around the water. It also became an instant fav when used in slalom cross races.

FIVE/9R hull

The new FIVE has copious amounts of rocker so it stays noticeably high and dry in bigger rapids. Being narrow and fast it also punches through features like a dream. The hull may look like a semi-displacement design but the boat actually surfs quite well and planes at speed. As opposed to many of the modern “race” creek boats coming out, this boat is very maneuverable and can be turned very quickly with little effort followed by tracking with a lot of speed. The FIVE’s design did not trade off its handling abilities for the sake of its speed as it has both. There’s also a lot of secondary stability and its soft edges allow you to carve hard and smoothly while never getting tripped up. Overall, the new FIVE is a confidence inspiring boat, is easy to paddle and goes really fast!!! Size wise, the FIVE is good fit for me but there is plenty of legroom and hull volume for larger paddlers. Even when I loaded the stern up for a multi-day with the seat moved fully forward, there was considerable room to spare.

FIVE/9R bow

So there you have it…

The FIVE is yet another SICK new ZET design that deserves some proper attention from the medium to lighter weight crowd who like putting their race faces on in between afternoon hot laps on their local river or creek run. What else could anyone want?

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