About ZET Kayaks Canada

ZET Kayaks Canada is the result of two interior BC based paddlers (one K1, one C1), brought together by an interest in paddling the strongest, lightest, and most dependable whitewater boat on the market. One problem however, nothing available in Canada was able to meet our simple demand.

Forced to look overseas, Czech based ZET Kayaks quickly stood out as the obvious choice. Having built a strong reputation throughout Europe, ZET boats have become known for their outstanding durability, lightweight design, race-proven handling and simple-yet-bomber outfitting. As a result, ZET has become a new force to be reckoned with when it comes to pushing the boundaries of modern creek boat design. Furthermore, ZET is the only whitewater kayak manufacturer offering optional outfitting setups including their ultra-reliable, factory C1 assembly. For these reasons we felt it was worth the effort to start bringing these exceptional boats into Canada.

After considerable time and effort, we invite you to our exclusive Canadian retail site for ZET Kayaks. Here you can review and compare ZET’s current lineup. Stay up to date on the latest developments and team paddler reports. View related media and perhaps even submit an order. In the end, you too will see why ZET Kayaks are worthy of your attention.

Carl Jacks & Mike Terlesky @ ZET Kayaks Canada.