Where are ZET Kayaks manufactured?

The Czech Republic. For more info see: www.zet-kayaks.com

What type of plastic and manufacturing is used to make a ZET Kayak?

Super-linear high density polyethylene using a sophisticated variable thickness rotational molding technique specific to ZET kayaks. In simple, the hull strength is increased in high stress areas of the boat while areas prone to less stress are made thinner. As a result you'll find ZET kayaks to be noticeably lighter and much stronger than all other super-linear polyethylene kayaks.

Are ZET "Advanced Boats" beginner friendly?

ZET Kayaks are intended for active paddlers that are attentive to their paddling technique, body position, boat edging etc. Beginner paddlers can benefit under these circumstances by developing techniques often associated with advanced levels of paddling. Beginner paddlers will also notice that ZET kayaks are easier to pick up and more comfortable to carry due to their light weight design. Lastly, ZET kayaks are very stable on edge, easy to roll and require minimal time and effort to properly outfit thus making for a confidence inspiring and dependable design.

What outfitting adjustments can be made and what tool(s) do I need to make them?

With nothing but a 4mm hex key (provided), the following cockpit adjustments can be made:
Seat (molded foam): Roughly 8cm of for/aft adjustment via 2 hex bolts per side (concealed behind the hip-pads).
Thigh braces (molded foam): 8cm of for/aft adjustment via 2 hex bolts per side.
Back-band: Dual ratcheting ladder straps comfortably snug up a high-strength webbing strap around ZET's height adjustable, form fitting back-band.
Standard adjustable footrest: A durable and buoyant molded plastic footrest with generous foam padding fixed to aluminum rails and secured to the hull by 2 thumb-screws per side. Weight (full assembly): 2.64 lbs/1.2 kg
FOAM foot-block: Similar to play boats, ZET's model specific foam foot-block requires either additional foam, or reducing the thickness of the foam foot bed to achieve a snug fit. Infrequent re-adjustment maybe required to compensate for foot compression over time. Weight (full assembly): 1.32 lbs/0.6 kg
Hip-pads: ZET's simple yet ergonomically shaped hip-pads are securely held by 4 webbing straps laced to a plastic backing plate. The adjustable position of this backing plate is held by the hex bolts used to secure the seat's position in place. To fill out the the hip-pads, foam shims (provided) can be stuffed into a neoprene sleeve found on the backside of each hip-pad.

What are the pros/cons of boats fitted with the FOAM foot-block?

Pros: In general, the bow weight is reduced by approximately 1.32 lbs / 0.6 kg, thus making your kayak very fast and agile on the water - highly recommended for those who are creek racing. The hull also lacks any extra hardware holes thus keeping your boat far drier over time. 

Cons: Over time, re-adjustment is required to compensate for foot compression. Little to no space is left available for those who like packing the bow during overnight trips. Boat re-sale opportunities are challenged by the fact that most potential buyers would rather have an adjustable bulkhead in place. There's also the potential (depending on how you've secured it) of having the foam loosen and fall out during rough transport, or during an abusive ride without anyone in the cockpit.  

Can a boat with the FOAM foot-block be converted to take ZET's standard adjustable bulkhead? 

Yes it can. To do so, you will have to drill out the 4 holes needed for the hull mounting hardware and cut out a proper slot in the front pillar (removal required) to fit the bulkhead. All parts and mounting hardware are subject to availability and for an extra cost.

Can a ZET factory C1 boat be converted back into a regular ZET kayak?

No it cannot. The hull of ZET's C1 fitted boats have a moulded plastic center beam welded inside for the specific purpose of mounting ZET's factory C1 outfitting. 

What colour choices are currently available?

Didn't ZET Kayaks once have a 4-year hull warranty?

Yes, for their first few years they did. However ZET is now marketing their kayaks with a standard 2 year conditional warranty. That being said, we have no doubt you will get many years of dependable use out of your trusty ZET boat. 



Where are you located?

We are located in the West Kootenay region of BC, and in both New Denver and Nelson townsites. Located on Slocan Lake, New Denver is a 1.5hr drive north of Nelson following Hwy #6 towards Nakusp & Revelstoke. Please contact us first in order to set up an appointment.

What forms of online payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Pay-Pal and E-transfer. 

Can I arrange my own shipping/delivery?

Certainly. Once your order is complete and fully paid for, we will work with you to see that your new ZET kayak is transported safely from our base to your location. But let it be known: We take no responsibility for arranging this transaction entirely on your behalf. Further to this, ZET Canada assumes no responsibility for any loss or shipping damages once your kayak has left our possession. Additionally, all out of province orders with arrangements for private pick up and delivery are subject to both 5% GST and 7% PST charges.

How do I go about making a return?

In the odd case of needing to make a return, this must happen within 30 days. After 30 days we will no longer be able to offer you any form of refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your purchase must be unused and/or in the same condition that you received it. To complete your return, we will require your original receipt as proof of purchase.

I have a warranty issue with my ZET kayak, what do I do?

If you think you have a VALID warranty issue and would like to make a claim, please contact us immediately! Before doing so, please take the time to review ZET’s warranty policy to see if your issue is indeed covered under ZET's conditional warranty.

How do I know what colors or configurations are available for ordering?

Our site is organized to display only what colors/options are currently in stock, as listed within the drop down menus located on the right of each product page. If a certain color or option is not listed in the menu then it is SOLD OUT.

The model or configuration of kayak I want is SOLD OUT. When might it be available again?

Restocking our inventory happens only once a year in late winter/early spring. We suggest you contact us to verify our order schedule or if any substitutions are available in the meantime.

Do you stock ZET kayak replacement parts?

We have a selection of ZET outfitting components and hull replacement parts to offer you complete serviceability. These items include grab bars, hip pads, knee braces, ratchets, ladder straps, thumb-screws, drain plugs, and stainless metric hex mounting hardware. Please contact us for availability and pricing as we do not list these components online.

Do you ever sell your DEMO kayaks?

During the off-season and depending on availability, we may put a demo boat or two up for sale. These deals will only be posted on our FACEBOOK page so be sure check in often. Note: All DEMO sales are considered AS IS and FINAL. This means they are not available for warranty claims, returns or refunding.

How can I become a ZET Canada TEAM paddler?

We get this question more than you think. Obviously, we cannot support everyone so please consider the following characteristics that we are looking for:

    1. You need to be a confident, all-round experienced paddler, a good communicator and a great person overall.
    2. You need to have some kind of profile, one who regularly takes part in paddling events, races/competitions - and does considerably well.
    3. You need to be a motivated self-promoter, someone who is able to take quality photos and video (more than just GoPro clips), likes to post them on-line and is capable of authoring a good supportive story from time to time (ie: Blogging, trip reports, boat reviews etc.).
    4. You consider yourself to be somewhat obsessed with paddling and no amount of whitewater ever seems to satisfy your desire.

    If you meet this criteria, then we welcome you to submit an athlete profile statement complete with a media portfolio. Submissions can be sent to sales@zetkayaks.ca for consideration.