Team - Sven Perschmann


Sven Perschmann, 37

Years Paddling: 20
Homeland: From Germany, now a resident of Canada. Rossland, BC to be exact.
Current Boat: TORO (see my personal REVIEW). Prior to that, the DIRECTOR, because it made everything way too easy.

About Me:
I used to compete in freestyle, but now focus mainly on creek boating and exploring the rivers of British Columbia. I do however still enjoy a good wave session. And creek races too.


Let's put it this way. I barely think about anything else.
I mean it's not the only thing I do. Far from it...
I work as a Carpenter. I ride bikes and boards. I enjoy the friends I have.

But in the end every other thought I have is about a river, a wave, a move, a stroke, free-fall, glide, a canyon, portages. And with all this come lakes, bonfires, stars, and friends.

Somewhere when I made it into my 30’s, my life changed.
I used to live by the river, play every day, and travel every winter.
There is nothing that compares to that.

But then as time goes by, and you find your pockets are routinely empty.
After you say good-bye to all your friends every few months, you realize, or at least tell yourself that, life can't go on like this forever.

You then begin to settle a bit more. Pick a place where you can enjoy yourself year round.

I live on a mountain now. I run rivers on the weekends for most of the year.
And I surf waves after work for some of it.

I enjoy the snow now, and I enjoy trails now too.

But when you ask me where I am the happiest, it'll be in a canyon, bashing through untouched bush to find a line on a river I haven't seen.
It'll be that moment when I find that line, overcome my concerns and fears, forget about the house and work, and peel out of my eddy towards that horizon line.