Team - Ben Hawthorne

Ben Hawthorne, 38

Years Paddling: 27... though I did get some time off for good behaviour.
Homeland: Edinburgh, Scotland, but now Revelstoke, BC.
Current Boat: CROSS. Prior to that, the DIRECTOR, TORO, & RAPTOR.

About Me:
So as I say, I’ve been paddling for a few years. I started as a kid but gave up for a few years from my late teens. I came back to the sport though and turned my hobby into a profession about 10 years ago, and since then I’ve been able to paddle all over the world, including, Europe, Asia, South America, New Zealand, Canada and the US. For the last 3 summers I’ve been raft guiding and running the Sjoa Kayak Camp in Norway with my wife. I’m really excited to now be moving back to BC and getting back into its incredible white-water. I’m also super stoked to be part of the ZET Canada team!

Favourite Rivers: There are just so many! No way can I pick just one, but a list would have to include the Thule Bheri, the Rio Blanco de Argentina, and the upper Fraser. The Sjoa in Norway also has a place close to my heart.

Favourite Country to Paddle In: I’ve been to a few great paddling destinations but probably my favourite is Nepal. It’s just such a cool country to visit, with a great climate, awesome people and amazing white water, all with a back drop of the biggest mountains on the planet. It’s super easy to go do big multi-day missions there to, like the Thule, or Humla; can’t wait to go back.

Paddling Ambitions: First kayaker in space? Failing that, I’m really keen to get into a bunch of the great multi-day missions around BC in the next few years as well as get to some places I’ve not visited like Mexico or Peru, and back to the Himalayas as soon as possible!