Team - Bryce Shaw

Bryce Shaw, 29

Years Paddling: 17
Homeland: Canmore, Alberta.
Current Boat: TORO (see my personal REVIEW).

About Me:
I’ve been a boater for many moons now and I still love it. Back in the day I spent time in slalom, freestyle and creek boats for as much time as I could. But these days usually find me in a creeker. The whitewater in BC is too good to spend much time in anything else! 

Rivers and the kayaking community have been a big part of my life. Work and becoming a climber have distracted me from kayaking a little, but it's still the best. I’ve paddled the ZET boats and I’ve got a lot of respect for the focus put on making them the best possible performers, the Toro shouldn’t disappoint!

Favourite Rivers: Northern BC has it made for the big multi-day missions... The Clore, Dean, Stikine and all the runs still yet to be explored up there will have me coming back. Just on the basis of pure fun that happens every season, the Spillimacheen and Elk are close to my heart for being the best runs around when everything else is dry.

Favourite Country to Paddle In: Nepal was awesome for combining sweet whitewater, culture and riding on the roofs of busses.

Paddling Ambitions: Get out and explore wild places! Revisiting the classics is OK but I’m much more stoked on finding new sections of whitewater (either new to me or first descents). The essential thing about boating is the exploring and discovering process. With that in mind I want to get more chances for visiting new countries… Norway, Mexico and NZ are all on the list.