Team - Caleb Roberts

Caleb Roberts.

Caleb Roberts, 25

Years Paddling: 8
Homeland: Based out of Cobourg, Ontario.
Current Boat: TORO C1

About Me: 
It’s in my roots. Growing up in Ontario, going out for canoe adventures are apart of our lives. You'd be hard pressed to drive anywhere in the summer without seeing a boat on a roof. I remember starting out with my Dad, travelling down some of Ontario’s classic canoe routes and coming upon rapids. Scouting, playing and swimming through what at the time felt like huge rapids. Fast forward and that love of traveling rivers and picking apart rapids hasn’t really died. I now spend my summer season guiding canoes throughout Canada’s Western Arctic and every other day I can out on the water.   

During much of my time on the water, I felt like the odd one out. I was always that guy in the open canoe. Be it big water on the Ottawa or creeking in New Zealand, I was never far from my open canoe. Last year I decided it was time to seek out a closed boat. Immediately ZET was one of my top choices, having friends all over that loved the TORO and the fact that it comes outfitted as a C1 sealed the deal for me. It's kind of amazing how much easier rivers become when you don’t take on water and you’re rockin' the TORO.

Favorite Rivers: Really hard to choose... I would say the White Salmon in Washington; so many good sections on it and such a variety. Ottawa river would be another just for the shenanigans that can be had and the perfect surfing all year long.  

Paddling Ambitions: Just to be able to continue to get out on new and wild rivers and keep the joy of it alive.

Caleb Roberts, LDUB.