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Christian Rolston



Christian Rolston, 20

Homeland: Ottawa, Ont.
Years Paddling: 6
Current Boat: CROSS C1

About Me: I was raised in the Ottawa valley but didn’t know anything about the area's whitewater scene until I was around age 14. Having canoe tripped lots with my family, I was introduced to some light whitewater here and there. It wasn’t until a friend and I picked up some solo canoes, and the rest is history. Since then I’ve mainly progressed to C1, but I occasionally teach some open boating at the Madawaska Kanu Centre just to switch it up. These days I paddle as much as I can. I work for OWL on the Ottawa in the summers, both raft guiding and video boating. In the winter I chase water in all its various forms, either travelling for warmer rivers, or sticking around for some frozen activities. Recently, I was working as a patroller for a ski resort on Vancouver Island.

Favorite Rivers: I appreciate any river I can get on as they're all so different and can teach us so much. But the Ottawa is my true summer paradise where living in my little riverside hut is the best part of the year. The Ottawa has so much character to it. If you look you can find everything a person could want. From creek lines to huge water, hooking up with great friends and legendary surfing. In the off season, the famous Green River, all the way to the wonderful Chilliwack are also close to my heart.

Paddling Ambitions: I want to improve in as many aspects of boating as possible. Over the summer I aim to do more slalom and playboating. There's also many new rivers that I dream of boating - from Chile to Mexico, Washington and Quebec. Starting with a spring 2019 road trip from BC back to Ontario, I’m excited to hit Washington for a short time as I have several rivers to check off there. Regardless, I feel there will always be more rivers to explore. And so I look forward to enjoying and learning from as many of these places as possible.


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