Team - Koby Trinker

Koby Trinker

Koby Trinker, 26

Homeland: Revelstoke, BC
Years Paddling: 8
Current Boat: CROSS (see my initial REVIEW)

About Me: I started paddling back in 2011 when looking for something to do with my time on earth. Since then, paddling has taken the wheel and driven me off course from any other aspirations I might've had in life. Today most decisions I make and things I choose to do are influenced by kayaking in some form.

Hailing from small town BC (Celista), I now call Revelstoke home. It's here that I guide rafts, teach whitewater for the local club as well as co-organize The Annual Jordan River Festival. The creeks to the East, West, North and South of here are all world class and make for some sick race courses. Combine that with a small passionate group of local paddlers and we have one of the most welcoming local communities around.

Outside of the local runs, I take every opportunity to explore new rivers or sections. Rolling around the PNW in my camper van, or jumping on a plane, it’s the endless exploration and uniqueness of every river that keeps my stoke burning high. When I see a new rapid, fun move or clean boof I forget everything that might be wrong with life or the world and begin to feel like a giddy kid again. Over the years my pursuits have taken me all across the province and throughout the world. I cut my teeth creeking down in Chile and have since gone back to clean up lines and consume more Empanadas and Escudos (ultimate kayaker fuel). Since that first trip south I made chasing winter whitewater a mainstay of my life with trips to Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand and many more in the works. Also have to mention Vancouver Island here, when it’s raining in the winter the quality of whitewater is exceptional. I both love and miss the rain, hanging out with the dedicated folks that call the island home.

The TORO has been my boat of choice for the past 2 years and has been the best investment into my whitewater career! I love the way the boat performs on everything, from low volume creeks to high water laps on the Clearwater - This is the most well rounded boat I’ve ever paddled! Additionally, focusing on paddling as much as possible means focusing on working as little as possible. This means spending money wisely and making it stretch as far as possible. With a ZET, I’m getting the best super-linear plastic on the market. This translates into longevity, which translates into less money spent on boats.

Overall, I’m fired up for the 2019 season (and the new CROSS). I have a checklist of fresh goals and a map of exploratory runs to piece together, can’t wait to get after it once again!


Koby Trinker, Jordan Race