ZET Kayaks



MSRP: $2199 

Once per yet, Zet Kayaks designs and produces a Limited Edition color scheme.  We will have a limited supply of boats in this color scheme, and we think we will sell out quickly.  These are a first come, first serve!  Each boat is slightly different, with unique designs per each boat.  

This year it is a custom grey with racing stripes and red accents.  The handles, seat, and drain plugs are all in LE red with a gunmetal grey boat. 


ZET’s simple yet proven outfitting design remains robust, fully adjustable, and comfortable. For the new CHILI, ZET's existing adjustable knee brace design has been simplified for easier cockpit entry, greater comfort and better boat control. A sturdy, closed-cell foam seat protects you from bigger impacts and provides considerable warmth compared to padded "water sponging" seats. Both front and rear pillar braces are formed seamlessly with the cockpit rim for added structural rigidity, safety and functionality. A supportive, draw cord+cleat adjusting back-band sits firmly in place while providing unrestricted access to the rear of the boat. For the footrest, ZET provides their optional standard, adjustable bulkhead, or an un-drilled hull fitted with a customizable mini-cell foam foot-block to achieve the lightest, driest boat possible (only available during our preorder period). 

Other advantages of ZET Kayaks include:

    2 year conditional hull warranty.
    Minimum number of hardware holes in the hull.
    Highly functional outfitting & interior attachment points.
    Optional foam foot-block or factory-fitted C1 outfitting.
    An original & progressive design with input from ZET Team paddlers.


    We accept VISA, MasterCard, and E-transfer. All pricing and payments are in Canadian dollars (CAD). All applicable provincial (PST) and federal taxes (GST/HST) will be processed and applied to your order based on the province or territory your order is being shipped to via a commercial freight carrier. Shipping charges (if applicable) are inclusive of all sales taxes. Out of province orders with arrangements for private pick up and delivery are subject to 5% GST (AB) charges. 


    During pre-order sales periods, a 50% deposit is required in order to reserve your order selection. Prior to arrival of all pre-ordered stock and prior to final delivery, you will be invoiced by email for the outstanding balance owing. This amount MUST be paid IN FULL before your boat can be shipped or picked up in person. NOTE: Any request to have a pre-order deposit refunded prior to order delivery is subject to a $200 re-stocking fee. 

    SHIPPING RATES (per boat, taxes included):

    BC, AB: $99 (Normally $149) 
    Freight terminal delivery/pickup only to most large centers in BC/AB.
    If in doubt, please
     contact us ‎prior to ordering so that we can verify your shipping address, or prepare a custom quote based on your specific location.

    ONT, QC, YK, NWT: $199 (Normally $349)

    Freight terminal delivery/pickup only to most large centers in ONT/QC/YK/NWT.
    If in doubt, please
     contact us ‎prior to ordering so that we can verify your shipping address, or prepare a custom quote based on your specific location.


    All orders are subject to product availability. If a certain color/option is not listed then it's no longer in stock. On occasion, we may run out of a certain model/color/option prior to updating our listings online. In this case, we will notify you to see if a substitution can be arranged. If not, we will proceed with cancelling your order and issuing a full refund within 24 hrs.

    After successful order completion, you will receive an email notification detailing your purchase. We will then contact you within 24hrs to arrange shipping (if required). We aim to have orders processed and shipped out within 3 business days. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your order, please do so within 24hrs. 

    We DO NOT ship kayaks into the United States or abroad. For US customers, please refer to ZET Kayaks USA http://www.zetkayak.com, and internationally with ZET Kayaks UK http://www.zet-kayaks.co.uk/


    To keep costs down, all commercial shipments will be delivered to your nearest freight terminal and held for pickup upon phone notification of it's arrival. Due to the high cost, residential delivery is not an option. If this does not work, please contact us ‎prior to ordering so that we can prepare a quote to meet your specific location/situation.  


    An estimated delivery time will be provided to you once your order has been placed and a chosen method of shipping has been arranged. Delivery times are estimates and commence from the date of shipping, rather than the date of your order. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we make every effort to fulfill your order within 3 business days (excluding holidays) after receiving your order. Date of delivery may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, method of delivery, and the size of your order. 


    Please take the time to inspect your package prior to leaving the terminal. If you notice anything unacceptable, document it on site with a terminal staff member and/or contact us immediately by phone at (780) 233-5705.


    If you have any more questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us during general business hours, Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm.


    All new kayaks sold by ZET CANADA are provided with the following conditional warranty:

    years for the hull and 1 year for the outfitting, starting from the date of purchase, as registered to the original retail customer. This warranty covers defects in all materials and/or factory processing.. This warranty covers defects in all materials and/or factory processing.

    Conditions of the claim:

    -The boat must be free from all impurities.
    -The plaintiff must present a valid warranty claim, and a receipt containing the corresponding serial number of the claimed kayak.
    -Complaints can be made at the point of purchase.
    -The justification of the claim must be authorized by ZET Canada in consultation with the manufacturer.

    Warranty is not valid in these cases:

    -Any damage due to improper, excessive or abusive use, mechanical damage with a sharp object, non-specialized interventions to the shell of the kayak and equipment of the boat (including customization, repair, etc.).
    -Damage during transportation and shipping.
    -Damage to the kayak, through long exposure to direct sunlight, high heat or severe cold.
    -Damage to the boat from the usage of a modified brace or without the reinforcing foam.
    -Defects applied from the manufacturer (seller) without a valid warranty certificate and deficiencies made or claimed after the original 2 year warranty period.
    -Normal wear and usage.

    Other Conditions:

    -The manufacturer or seller undertakes to change (and/ or repair) the kayak or any part thereof, subject to the warranty conditions.
    -Part of the guarantee does not include damage directly or indirectly incurred by a defect caused by the shipper or its equipment.
    -The company ZET kayaks is not responsible for any additional guarantees granted by the ZET Kayaks Canada.

      Kayaking is a potentially dangerous sport. ZET Kayaks CZ, and ZET Kayaks Canada assumes no liability for any damage or injury incurred in connection with the use of its products.

      ZET Factory back-band length

      The length of the webbing supporting the backrest in ZET boats is carefully designed to maintain the correct angle from the cockpit rim's side, ensuring proper geometry. Any alterations to the back-band's length will nullify the manufacturer's warranty. Shortening the webbing places excessive stress on the cockpit rim, potentially leading to cracks. If you have shortened your back-band, kindly reach out to us for a complimentary replacement of the back-band webbing. When adjusting the backband, please avoid overtightening it to a perpendicular position. Ensure the paddler is seated towards the rear of the seat before securing the backband. If this position isn't comfortable, consider adjusting the seat forward or moving the footblock closer to the seat. Should you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.