Czech based kayak production engineer and manufacturer Zelezny, extreme paddler Honza Lasko and Czech Whitewater Slalom Rep. Viktor Legat have combined to design and produce a powerful line of whitewater kayaks, ZET Advanced Boats. The end result is an awesome looking, high quality, performance-driven kayak complete with a simplistic, yet highly functional outfitting platform.

What makes ZET kayaks superior to other brands is Zelezny’s sophisticated manufacturing technology which results in a hull design that is noticeably lighter and stronger than most other rotationally moulded polyethylene kayaks. Based on their 15+ years of experience in kayak manufacturing, ZET puts their trust in this technology by offering a 2 year warranty on all current models.



All components of a ZET kayak are produced from the best existing materials using advanced manufacturing technology.

Using Zelezny’s unique rotational moulding process, crucial hull points (base, sidewalls & tips) are made thicker to substantially increase the hull’s durability. At the same time, areas subject to less stress (top deck) have the thickness slimmed down in order to reduce the hull’s overall weight. Additional quality standards include pressure-testing hull plastic material samples in upwards of -40 degrees centigrade.

Made with the best possible high-density polyethylene available, ZET have quickly earned a solid reputation for outlasting all other brands of rotationally moulded plastic kayaks.