2019 Shipment UPDATE

To all our customers who recently pre-ordered a 2019 ZET: THANK YOU everyone for your on-going support and patience over the past several weeks. We are progressing smoothly and ON-SCHEDULE with our 2019 shipment. Our container just left Prague and will be setting sail out of Hamburg by the weekend. This gives us a mid-March ETA for Vancouver with individual Canadian shipments commencing immediately after that. We will continue to update this timeline as we progress towards March. Overall, we had a very successful pre-order period throughout Nov/Dec. And because of you, we’re getting rather excited about this upcoming season and making it everyone’s best year yet! The new CROSS model is bound to raise the bar yet again. And you lucky people are going to be the first ones to make that happen here in Canada!!! Rock-on Brotha’s & SIsta’s! Sincerely, Carl + Mike @ ZET Kayaks Canada

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